The Munchkin Cat, Great Things Come in Small Packages!


The TICA accepts the Munchkin Cat for show in all colors. This cat has many variations of color, and pattern, all of which are allowed and valued.

Handicapped Cat?

Hardly! When I first saw a picture of a Munchkin Cat, I thought, "Oh, that's GOT to be photo shopped!" But soon enough I found out that the Munchkin Cat was indeed an actual breed. Then, I thought "how barbaric to intentionally breed a handicapped cat just for the sake of cuteness". Oddly though, when I began my research for this page, I found myself relieved to discover that Munchkins are far from handicapped, and actually are very impressive little felines!

Here's what the TICA has to say about Munchkins:"Badgers, ferrets, otters, raccoons, and squirrels are just a few of the animals in the wild that have short legs to help them survive-some are diggers, some are climbers and, in the case of otters, some are swimmers, but their short legs have evolved to help their survival skills.

Dachshunds, Bassetts, and Corgis are a few of the dog breeds developed with short legs for specific purposes-Bassets are scent hounds and short legs put them closer to the scent while Corgis are herding dogs that need to turn on a dime, with rapid twists and turns to herd the animals in their charge.

Munchkins are the same as every other cat-except they have short legs, speed & exceptional cornering skills, and a great deal of love to offer their devoted owners." So in many ways the diminutive stature of these cats is more of an advantage than a disability!


Grooming is easy. Shorthair Munchkins just need for their medium length plush, resilient all-weather coat to be combed once a week to help remove loose dead hair. Combing the Longhaired Munchkin's semi-long silky all weather coat twice a week will help to prevent tangles.


It's been said that to appreciate these bundles of energy, one has to know one. The incredible energy of these unique felines is second only to their great cornering speed. just like the sleek race cars they're said to resemble, Munchkins tend to stay low to the ground.

It's important to note that while they prefer the ground, they are perfectly capable of jumping. While others may initially feel as I did that this was a horribly deformed and handicapped cat, further investigation will reveal the munchkin to be a perfectly natural, happy little bundle of joy that has no sense of being limited in any way.


Obviously, the Munchkin cat is a short-legged cat. According to the TICA, Its distinctive short legs developed from a "spontaneous autosomal dominant mutation" which has occurred throughout the history of domestic cats.

Munchkins come in an amazing array of colors and patterns. While their color and patterns may mimic some of the breeds they have been outcrossed to, The Munchkin is a unique breed and should never resemble a miniaturized version of another breed.


The Munchkin Cat as a Companion

This breed is known for their speed and agility. Very sociable, these cats are extremely playful and love to run, chase an play with toys. They are happiest when they have company, especially well mannered kids, dogs and other pets, and can often be seen leading them a merry chase as they zoom by in their "catch me if you can" games.

Munchkins are extremely curious and can often be seen sitting up on their hind legs like rabbits to see something that interests them. These supremely confident and adventurous cats delight in exploring every aspect of their surroundings, including places both high and low.

They may not jump from the floor to the top of the bookcase in a single flying leap, but they have a way of showing off their intelligence and surprisingly good jumping skills by finding a path that will still get them there, only in smaller steps. Of course, looking at you once they get there to make sure you have sufficiently admired their triumph.

These lovable friendly little cats may be short of stature, but they have huge affectionate feline hearts, full of love to give.


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