The Cymric Cat, a round cat that is great to have around!


The Cymric cat is accepted for show in the TICA in all colors. White buttons or lockets are permitted and are not penalized.


The Cymric has a silky texture to the plush, medium-length coat with fluffy breeches and neck ruff. Regular brushing will help keep the beautiful plushy coat looking its best. Avoid combing which can tear the fibers of this cat’s coat. Shampoo occasionally with very mild cat shampoo, rinse thoroughly and avoid any finishing rinse or crème rinse, as these can cause the coat to become sticky from buildup.


Gentle and personable, Cymric cats are excellent jumpers. Curious by nature, these lovable little bowling ball shaped felines will find a way to get to something that interests them, whether getting there involves turning a doorknob with their very tactile paws, or climbing to the top of a door to peer over the top.

Super smart, these cats often put dogs to shame with their talent for playing fetch, and like some who have developed the odd habit of burying their toys. Not loud meowers, like some breeds, Cymric cats can still be talkative, just in a low, rather pleasant voice and., occasionally a certain trilling sound that appears to be unique to them.


The Cymric is a long haired Manx. The TICA breed description says, “The mature Manx with all its rounded contours reminds one of a bowling ball. It is a round, heavy cat of medium size. Its primary feature is its lack of a tail. But the intelligent Manx is far more than just a cat without a tail!

Its hind legs are longer than the front legs so the rump is raised in the air. In days gone by, some people thought they saw a hopping gait and this, combined with the longer hind legs and lack of tail, gave rise to the moniker of 'bunny cat'.

These charming cats claim an origin from the Isle of Man and come in two coat lengths: the shorthair known as the Manx and the longhair known as the Cymric.” Today, the longhair is known as the Cymric with an identical standard to the Manx. TICA recognized both the Cymric and the Manx for championship competition in June 1979.

The Cymric cat as a Companion

These cats are very human oriented cats who develop strong bonds with their human families. They bond well with gentle children and other pets, provided they are introduced gradually and not simply thrown in together. Cymrics don’t tend to like surprises. They are known to be even-tempered, often described as calm cats with lots of love to give. They get lonely when no one is around. The Cymric enjoys company and is happiest in a home where there is always some companionship and someone to admire them.

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