Trick or treat?

by Maria Paula
(Margate NJ)



HI!! I would like to know why my cat suddenly stops liking the soft treats I give her. She needs to take her heart pill everyday, so, I tried Greenies pill pockets and she loved them. The next package I bought (same brand and flavor) she wouldn't eat it from day one, so, I switch to Whisker lickings Tender Moments. She was going crazy over them until I finished the package and open a new one of the same flavor. Now she doesn't like them anymore.
I can still give her the medicine by putting the pill directly in her throat, but she won't allow that with anybody else and I go away very often, so I need my pet sitter to give her the pill with the least stress possible.

Thanks a lot!
I love your webpage!
Maria Paula

Hi Maria, Thanks for asking. What a beautiful cat! To answer your question, Cats, even the most beautiful ones, are ornery beasts. It is their right, after all, they're cats! I've found that when the pill pockets won't do the trick, try using the soft squishy kitty treats (Halo makes some nice ones. Mold the treat into a soft ball and poke a hole for the pill with a pencil or your finger. That should do, and if you need to add additional enhancement, try fish flakes (AKA Bonito Flakes) available in pet stores and oriental grocers. I hope you found this helpful.
Thanks so much for your interest! Keep those pictures coming!

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