The Sphynx Cat, a loveable, cuddly clown


The CFA recognizes the Sphynx cat in all colors and patterns, which show both on the skin and minimal fur of this breed. These cats may be presented for show at any stage of maturity.


Sphynx cats have some issues with their skin. They require regular bathing to prevent oil build-up on the skin which can produce a sticky film. Their beautiful large ears produce a waxy buildup that collects dust and dirt, as does the area around the nails. Both require frequent cleaning. However this maintenance can easily be incorporated into a daily petting and grooming ritual that both cat and human can enjoy.


Incredibly intelligent and active, the Sphynx is outgoing, loving and people-oriented. A natural clown who loves attention and cuddling, a Sphynx cat will get lonely and demanding if not given regular attention.

They are happy to have the company of other animals and children, but they prefer one on one contact. These cats enjoy climbing on or cuddling with their humans and often show off for them, with funny, almost clumsy antics, all designed to gain attention and love.


The Sphynx cat is a medium size cat, with a very muscular body, a thin whippy, almost rat-like tail. Famous for their nearly hairless body, holding this breed has been likened to the feel of a suede covered hot water bottle.

Other distinctive features of the Sphynx include it's big, lemon-shaped eyes and large, full ears. Wrinkled skin is desirable, particularly around the muzzle, between the ears and around the shoulders. Thick paw pads give this breed the appearance of walking on cushions.

Adult males are larger than adult females. A properly formed Sphynx should have a bit of a belly as if he just finished a good meal. Look for a friendly expression on an open-eyed, intelligent face.

The CFA Sphynx Breed Council

The Sphynx as a Companion

The Sphynx is known as a hairless cat, but truth be told, it does have a very fine, almost invisible fur. Necessary grooming involves regular shampooing for the health of the skin, as well as cleaning of the ears and nail beds. They are naturally sensitive to cold and any abrupt changes in temperature.

The Sphynx's skin comes in every color and pattern that a cat can be. Active and always craving attention, the Sphynx prefers an active household, lots of play time and plenty of affection from their humans. The breed plays well with other animals and children, but can be very persistent for their adult human's attention too.

Lack of hair requires a comfortably warm home year-round, and plenty of warm places for naps and observing the world. The Sphynx is an ideal candidate for a heated cat bed.

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