The Siberian cat, a rare beauty with a sense of humor


The CFA accepts the Siberian cat in all colors and coat patterns. Siberians can come in just about every color of the rainbow. Since this breed is very rare, those colors may not be commonly available, and almost all breeders have long waiting lists.


The Siberian, which is considered a semi longhair, has a full and fluffy coat in the winter and a somewhat shorter, less dense coat in the summertime. Unless yours is a show cat, weekly grooming is all that is required. During seasonal shedding in spring or fall, more attention may be required. Matting does occur and most often occurs under the arms and hind quarters.


Siberians tends to be both a very curious and resourceful cat, great at solving problems (such as a closed door or something shiny on a high shelf) and also tend to be extremely loyal to their adopted families.

Siberians are graceful, agile and because of their very muscular bodies, can easily make jumps spanning great distances and heights. However, their natural grace usually allows them to navigate in and around delicate breakables without causing any harm. Still, given their love of investigation, it would be a good idea to consider carefully what valuables might be within their range.


The Siberian is a medium-large to large cat, with semi-long to long hair, depending on the season. This cat’s body is very muscular, heavy-boned and possesses terrific strength. The Siberian’s noble head is a modified, rounded wedge with pert, rounded ears and rounded eyes, which convey this breeds natural sweetness and intelligence.


The Siberian cat as a Companion

This cat is happiest when surrounded by people who like to interact with their cats a lot. A very calm and patient sort, this breed will adapt to almost any lifestyle, provided it is given much attention and love.

The Siberian is a warm, friendly, fearless cat that enjoys the company of other pets, but actively seeks out human affection. Happy to perform playful antics to entertain their humans, this glamorous exterior hides the heart of a clown!

Loveable and clever, gentle and calm, these cats are known to be quiet but, on occasion will talk in distinctive little chirps. Best described as a confident, curious “house clown”, the Siberian can, and likely will, become your best friend.


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