The Siamese Cat, a vocal, loveable friend


The Siamese cat exhibits a body color that ranges from glacial white to pale fawn. Seal, blue, chocolate and lilac are the four point colors accepted by purists.

Red, cream, tortie and lynx (tabby) points are created by outcrossing to other breeds; some associations classify these cats as the Colorpoint breed.


Many enjoy a good brushing but basically maintain themselves. Frequent petting keeps loose hair to a minimum.


Intelligent, highly social, a Siamese will demand to be part of your daily activities. A very vocal cat, The Siamese enjoys interaction with adults, children and dogs. When not playing or showing off, they enjoy a good cuddle. Very inquisitive beings, you will find that these beauties will investigate literally everything they can reach.


If one were to choose one word to describe the Siamese's appearance, that word would be long. Long, tubular body with long, fine-boned legs and a long, whippy tail. Look for a wedge-shaped head with large, flared ears.

"Traditional" varieties have more-robust body and rounder "apple" head with smaller ears. The siamese cat's coat is short and close-lying; "traditional" cats generally have thicker coats. All varieties have the trademark sapphire-blue eyes set at a slant.

The CFA Siamese Breed Council

The Siamese as a Companion

This elegant and ancient breed, often said to be the oldest of all cat breeds, is able to speak to us like no other cat. The Siamese's amazingly musical sounding voice is legendary. Great communicators, they speak to you with their body language almost as eloquently as with their voice . They really are the perfect “people” cat. They love to be in, on top of and anywhere around you.

Happiest on your lap, on your bed, at your table and at your side, the loveable Siamese knows his place - and finds it in your heart!

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