The Selkirk Rex cat, a naturally curly Teddy Cat


The CFA accepts the Selkirk Rex cat in nearly every color of the feline palette, including pointed, bi-color and silver varieties. This breed competes in both long and shorthair divisions. While the kittens may be either curly or not, currently only the curly ones are accepted for show. All are excellent pets and well worth considering though.


The Selkirk Rex’s coat requires very minimal grooming. Even the longhaired variety is easily maintained with an occasional bath followed by gentle combing, but only once he’s dry. Air drying helps preserve the curls. It is important to check the ears occasionally and keep them free of wax.


Selkirk Rex cats have a very sweet disposition. They are very playful but never too much so, and loving without being overly demanding. They will probably sleep on the bed, on top of your head or wrapped around you in some way. If you are persistent at training these little bed hogs, they may share their bed covers with you.


The Selkirk Rex is a heavy boned cat rather like the British Shorthair in conformation. The head is round and the eyes are very open and expressive. The shorthair coat features loose, rather random curls, while the longhair has beautiful soft waves, almost falling in ringlets. A distinctive, broad muzzle shows off the gloriously curly whiskers. At birth, curly kittens can be distinguished from their straight haired sisters and brothers by their unique, curly whiskers. The curly whiskers are brittle and may break as they grow longer but the whiskers and hair don't change as the cat grows older; if they are curly at birth, they will be curly as an adult.


The Selkirk Rex cat as a Companion

A Selkirk Rex cat will want to participate in everything you do, and hates to be left out. They will, however, remind you of your obligation to pet them frequently. Their calm and laid back personalities make them perfect for homes with other pets and older, respectful children.

Selkirks are a healthy and sturdy breed. Most owners and breeders describe them as sweet tempered, patient, loving, and tolerant cats. Selkirk Rex owners are often approached by people wanting to pet and feel this soft, plushy looking pet.

Often called Teddy Cats because of their plushy appearance, any cat lover would be fortunate indeed to be able to take one of these cuties home and the reward is a lifetime of kitty cuddles and hugs.

This cat is not a yowler and has a nice little quiet voice. This cat will not ever loudly demand attention but is people loving by nature and will not tolerate being ignored for long periods of time. This unique breed is intelligent, silky soft, friendly and just as cuddly as the teddy bear it resembles.


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