The LaPerm cat, an adorable, curly feline who loves curl up with you


The CFA recognizes the LaPerm cat in longhair and shorthair divisions. Both are accepted in every genetically possible color and coat pattern. Some kittens can be born hairless, but most have short wavy hair or straight hair at birth.


LaPerms are low-maintenance cats which need very little grooming. Their fur is similar to a poodle’s coat, holding its curl with minimal shedding. To maintain the curl, bathing and towel drying are recommended. Daily combing will help control seasonal shedding.


LaPerms are unique among cats because of their combination of appearance and cuddly, people loving personalities. This breed has enchanted almost all who have ever been lucky enough to see one. The gentle and loving LaPerm is very active and yet unlike so many active breeds, is quite content with being a lap cat as well. Just about any time, even if they are actively playing, these cats will readily accept being picked up and held, and will loudly purr their pleasure at being showered with love and affection.


The LaPerm is a medium sized, fairly muscular cat with medium/fine bone structure. This breed’s coat can vary from tight ringlets to long corkscrew curls. The modified wedge shaped head is crowned by lovely wide-set ears, full whisker pads and beautifully expressive eyes, which may be any color, including odd. Curly whiskers and eyebrows complete the picture.


The LaPerm cat as a Companion

This intelligent and affectionate breed easily adjusts to new situations. These cats tolerate traveling quite well, and are excellent show cats because they don’t mind being handled by strangers. LaPerms are gentle, people loving felines, said to be like no other breed in the world.

They enjoy petting and grooming and show it by purring loudly. Extremely demonstrative, these curly kitties will often touch their human’s face with their paws, patting the nose or rubbing against the face and neck. They love to be cuddled and kissed and will even kiss back.

LaPerms are both curious and calm and are perfectly content to be held, carried or have their tummies rubbed while relaxing in your lap, on their backs. Peace loving and quiet cats by nature they adapt well to apartment living.


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