The Korat cat, a gentle, quiet beauty with eyes of green


The CFA accepts the Korat cat in the one and only color the breed comes in, silver tipped blue. Named for a province in Thailand, Korats are a unique shimmering silver-blue. Their fur is noted for being a lighter bluish color at the root, gradually getting darker to a storm cloud gray and finished at the tips with finest silver. No wonder the Thai people consider this heavenly looking creature to be good luck! The eyes are blue at birth, as are all kittens, gradually change to amber and when mature, will be an astounding, luminous bright green.


The Korat’s coat is short and despite its exotic shimmering appearance, is easy to care for. The close lying fur will stay brilliantly beautiful with just petting and an occasional brushing. Because their fur doesn’t tend to float away during grooming or petting, many people with allergies to cat hair find that here is a cat they can live with.


This breed is gentle, even with small children, and extremely loyal. An ancient breed, the Korat has strong opinions on what his world should be like and can be very territorial. They have an incredible sense of hearing and, naturally, are very sensitive to noise. Korats are playful souls who have a sense of humor and love to play games with their humans or other animals.


The Korat can weigh anywhere from 4 to 10 pounds. Broad chested and muscular, this silvery blue cat is a good jumper, but doesn’t tend to be terribly active. The nose should have a lion-like downward slope in profile. Short blue fur tipped with silver frames a pair of oversized eyes, which, when mature are a bright, sparkling green.


The Korat cat as a Companion

Korats are creatures of habit and very good as a single person’s companion. They will also form strong bonds and become devoted to other cats, or sometimes dogs, but will always expect to be first at their human’s side and will not be happy with anything that separates them.

Korats love peace and quiet and are very trusting with their chosen humans. The Korat cat will be happiest far from activity and noise, preferably sitting in the lap of his human.


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