Flingamastring vs Undercover Mouse

by Grace Petersen
(Auburn, MA)

George Bernard Paw with toy

George Bernard Paw with toy

Hi Cat Lady!
I tried many of the toys you recommend, but the two my cats like best are the flingamastring and the Undercover mouse. My kitty George will actually go to the flingamastring and try to turn it on all by himself! I finally had to mount it on their cat tree so they wouldn't bang it against the door all the time, even when it was turned off!

They also love the Undercover mouse, although my other cat, Peaches is always trying to gnaw on the little rubber tail of the "mouse"! Thank goodness they sell replacements, AND re-chargeable batteries!

Great recommendation though, thanks 5 stars to both!

Grace Petersen

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