The Egyptian Mau cat, a loyal and loving ancient breed


The CFA accepts Egyptian Mau cat in the colors silver, bronze and smoke, although black and blue do occasionally occur and make terrific pets. Green eyes are the standard for this breed.


The Egyptian Mau cat’s coat is short and pretty much carefree. Combing will reduce shedding and is a better choice than brushing, which can remove the spots on the ticking at the end of the hair shaft. A chamois or silk scarf stroked along the body gives a nice shine to the coat(and the cats like it!).


Maus are incredibly smart and fiercely loyal to their families. Though outgoing at home, they may take longer to warm up to strangers. They love human companionship, but are also proud and independent, taking human interaction on their own terms.

When happy, these beautiful felines make soft chortling sounds and comically wiggle their tails. Active cats, Maus love to play with moving things. Chasing “prey” is a favorite game, and a laser pointer allows for unlimited play, especially at dusk.


The Egyptian Mau is the only domestic cat with a naturally occurring spotted coat. The spots must be in distinct contrast to the lighter background color. Dramatic tabby markings are desirable and include the "M" on the forehead and “mascara lines” from the eyes to the cheeks. Legs and tail should have multiple bars and rings and there should be at least one necklace across the chest area. This cat has the same lean and elegant lines as the cats seen in Egyptian paintings.

The Egyptian Mau as a Companion

The Egyptian Mau needs lots of love and attention. Good little travelers, they can be easily harness and leash-trained. Very intelligent, Maus can memorize the names of their toys, often fetching them when asked. Best with adults, if there are children in the home they must know how to properly handle and respect cats. Maus tend to disappear and stay hidden when they are confronted by an uncomfortable situation or rough handling.

That having been said, the loving heart, devoted nature and superior intelligence of this breed is well worth the time it takes to get to know one and learn how to share your home with them. Maus are blessed with extraordinary senses of smell, hearing and eyesight. Because of this, they are highly alert to everything in their surroundings.

Egyptian Maus are natural caretakers, some would even say psychic. They are extremely sensitive to the needs and feelings of their families, both human and otherwise.

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