The Devon Rex cat, a cute and playful pixie


The CFA accepts the Devon Rex cat for show in any genetically possible color and pattern and any combination of genetically possible color and pattern are allowed.


Devons are low maintenance. A quick shampoo and towel dry (or even a wipedown with a damp cloth) and a nail-trim is all the grooming most Devons require. Occasionally check ears, between toes and nail beds for any oily buildup and clean as needed.


The Devon Rex cat has a friendly and comical personality that is sure to charm anyone it meets. Devons are highly active, playful and like to be included in everything. They are very powerful jumpers, and fearless. It's been said that Devons have even been found climbing brick fireplaces. Cat proofing your home for this character is a must.


These beauties have lovely, huge ears, set low on the sides of their head, a pixie-like face with large, expressive eyes and a short, slightly upturned nose. For showing, an even coat of shiny, loose curls is desired. The coat can vary, ranging from shaggy looser curls to a thin, short, velour textured coat. The Devon is a strong muscular cat of medium size. Playful and smart, this cat is a natural show off.

The Devon Rex Breed Club

The Devon Rex as a Companion

Most Devons have a light coat of fur which is not very insulating. They tend to be "heat seekers," and are often found relaxing on TVs, computer monitors and heating vents. On cool nights, Devons often sneak under the covers to stay warm and snuggle with their favorite people.

They are notorious for begging for people food, and any food left in their range is apt to become a kitty snack. They are great climbers too, always happy to show off and very easily trained. Best suited to an active lifestyle, the Devon will be happiest with a tall cat tree and lots of loving attention.

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