The Chartreaux cat, a loyal and very devoted companion


The Chartreaux cat is available in many shades of blue-gray, ranging anywhere from lightest ash to a deep gunmetal, with the tips being lightly brushed with silver.


The Chartreaux cat has a very thick coat, but happily, it does not mat and it requires little maintenance. Seldom requiring more than petting and an occasional combing, this is a very easy to care for breed.


Training these intelligent cats sometimes requires a good deal of repetition and patience. Though very smart, one often has to convince them that the proper behavior is worth their effort. These are very friendly and devoted cats who tend to pick a favorite human and stick close to that one. They can be good with children and quite often will form strong bonds of friendship with the other pets, particularly if there is a dog in the house.


This sturdy breed has a broad chest and head featuring pronounced cheeks and a small, tapered muzzle. Though stockily built, this cat has relatively fine-boned legs. Blue is the only accepted color for this cat, although it may vary from light ash to deepest slate. When full grown, adults have a silver-tipped appearance to their thick, dense coat. One of the most distinctive things about this cat is it's bright orange eyes.

The Chartreaux as a Companion

Chartreux generally adapt to any lifestyle. Their days combine short energy spurts and mellow relaxation. It's been said that these cats have only 2 speeds, full speed ahead and full stop.

They enjoy the company of humans and will often invent games to play, including teaching their humans to play fetch.

The Chartreux cat is known for communicating in cute little squeaks and trills, but they are entirely capable of rewarding their humans with a large, rumbling purr when "rubbed the right way".

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