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Choosing a cat litter can be challenging! There are just so many kinds now. Some folks have recently started talking about how shredded newspaper or sawdust could be used as but many veterinarians recommend against using them and commercial litter is far better for you and your cat. Store bought litter is extremely absorbent, less messy and easier to deodorize.

The market is now flooded with different kinds of litter ranging from wheat chaff to corn to pine and old fashioned clay litters. Some use recycled newspaper and some use wood pulp. You can choose from clumping and non clumping kinds. I have tried most of them and will share what I know here.

Pine Litter

While I do like the pine pellet kind of cat litter for the bright clean piney smell, the regular kind is non clumping and does tend to powder which leads to kitty sawdust tracks on the carpet. Not really so bad if you really like the scent and performance though.

Clumping Pine Litter

There is now a clumping variety of pine litter on the market. I admit I have not tried it yet, so I can only speak about the original. One other good thing to know is that the non clumping pine pellet litter is very good for cats recovering from surgery and will not dry out their wounds. Odd that most vets do not recommend using pine mulch for cats, most of them do like the pelleted pine. Perhaps splinters are the issue with the mulch.

Clay Litter

The old fashioned clay kind of litter box filler is not my favorite for many reasons. Yes, it is all natural. Big deal. It also weighs a ton especially when you have to haul it upstairs, and then back down to the dumpster once it’s been used. Yuck. It generally doesn’t have a lot of chemical additives though so if your cat is allergy prone, you may find it is a good choice for you. It is also very inexpensive.

Wheat Litter

Wheat litters are very nice and clean, if a bit dusty. They weigh little and absorb a lot. Most are clumping and some are nicely scented. Easily scoopable and often even flushable, Wheat Cat Litters offer a very good value.

Recycled Paper Litter

Recycled paper cat litters are a little heavier than the wheat kind, often more absorbent and being made from recycled paper they are very “green”, which is nice too. Their absorbency is great in proportion to their weight, and cost is generally low, so this may be a fairly economical choice for you.

The World’s Best Cat Litter

I have to say I am biased right now. I recently bought The Worlds Best Cat Litter. Their name for it, seriously! I don’t ordinarily go around recommending brand names, in fact, I go out of my way to avoid it, but this is the exception to that rule for me, because I really believe in it. It’s made from whole grain corn, not corn cob, and it really is astonishing how well it works!

Not heavy in the bag, it absorbs a huge amount of waste per ounce and further, clumps so quickly that very little litter is wasted. With all other litters I’ve tried, the waste can spread and a lot more litter is used because of that. The World’s Best Cat Litter stops it cold and traps it into nice neat clumps. I have discovered that it lasts much longer than any other I’ve used, and as an added bonus, it’s flushable!

These are only my opinions of course, and you may well find that my favorite does not work for you and another litter suits you better. Bottom line, there are many litters and all are good in their own way, so try what interests you and choose your favorite brand. I’m sure you’ll find one that “comes up to scratch”!

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