Cat Breeders, tips for finding a reputable breeder or cattery

Reputable Cat Breeders are true professionals,constantly working to promote and perfect their breed, and their own lineage within that breed. Breeders and catteries who are honorable and reputable will show concern and interest in the ongoing welfare of their cats, and will screen prospective owners very carefully.

Cat farmers or “providers” are no more than that – providers of a product, selling as much as they can to turn a profit with no real interest in furtherance or integrity of the breed, When searching for a pedigreed cat to buy, it is very important that you be able to tell the difference. This article should be helpful in that area.

Things to look for in reputable cat breeders

Reputable cat breeders will place their all their cats by using a written contract. The contract should spell out both the buyer and seller’s rights and responsibilities. The cat or kittens should be recently vet checked and come with a health guarantee.

Serious breeders value the integrity of their breed lineage and want to know where their cats are going. Most good cat breeders will usually insist upon (and include a clause in the contract) obligating the buyer to return the cat or kitten in the event that they, for whatever reason, finds themselves unable to keep it.

Just like a human adoption agency, reputable breeders will want to interview prospective owners very thoroughly to determine suitability and to be sure that their own criteria are met. For example, some breeders only sell kittens or cats that are altered. Others will not have the spay or neuter done, but will sell only with the agreement that they will be altered by their new owners and not used for breeding purposes. All details should be discussed before paperwork of any kind is signed.

Bring a list of questions about the breed, or this cattery you want to ask. A reputable breeder will usually be willing to answer any questions you might have regarding the breed, the cat in question or their breeding program. In return, the breeder will usually ask that you keep them informed of any serious health issues, genetic abnormalities, or abnormal behavioral problems your new cat may develop.

Look around closely at the environment in which the cats are raised. Do the breeders have more cats or kittens than is practical? Are they keeping up with cleanliness of the surroundings, are the kittens and cats comfortable around the breeder? This is a good sign, meaning usually that the breeder actually spends quality time with the cats and kittens, and that they are used to human contact making their transition to a new home much easier.

Also, after you have made the contract, bought the cat or kitten, will the breeder be available if you have any additional questions? It is important because everyone, no matter how well they research a thing like adoption, will have many questions for a while after “the big day”.

Finding reputable breeders is not hard, but finding a bad breeder or kitten farm (mill) is unfortunately all too easy. But if you follow these guidelines of what to look for, you should be fine.

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