The Burmese Cat, completely unique, beautiful and loving


The CFA accepts the Burmese cat for showing in the colors sable, champagne, blue, platinum. These colorations are usually in the form of points on ears, nose, face feet and tail.


Occasional brushing and frequent petting is often all that is needed to keep their short, glossy coat, looking fabulous and well groomed.


This cat garners a lot of attention just by being so beautiful, but the Burmese personality is the most winning aspect of this cat. They are extremely loving, curious, intelligent and people-friendly.

A cat who just loves to cuddle, a Burmese will prefer to sleep under the covers with you or curl up in your lap rather than just lie beside you. The affectionate Burmese will drape itself around your neck like a furry boa, or may even sit on your shoulder.

They are very loyal to their humans and really do need attention and affection in order to thrive. A lonely Burmese is a sad thing indeed. Very playful beings, they will often play fetch readily and enjoy any sort of training. This highly intelligent breed considers a closed door or drawer a personal challenge, so locks and/or kiddie safe cabinet closures may be in order.


A medium-size cat with surprising weight for its size, the Burmese is blessed with a glossy, almost satiny looking short, close coat. Graceful and lithe, this breed has a rounded head, large, wonderfully expressive golden eyes, a sweet disposition and expression to match.

National Burmese Breed Club

The Burmese as a Companion

Through selective breeding, beginning in the 1930s, with an attractive walnut-brown female from Burma to a purebred Siamese, and continued breeding efforts, the Burmese was established as a distinct breed.

A lover of warm laps and human contact, the Burmese cat loves to be with its chosen humans, often climbing under the covers to sleep with them. Burmese should never be let outdoors. They are as innocent as they appear and have no real survival instincts.

Always desirous of attention, this breed prefers an interactive household, lots of playtime and plenty of affection. If encouraged, many Burmese will even converse interractively with their humans. Fortunately, they have lovely, soft, delicate voices. While very accepting of other animals and children, this calm and happy feline also makes a good companion for elderly family members.

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