The Birman Cat, a friendly and affectionate feline


Traditional Birman cat breed colors accepted by CFA are seal, blue, chocolate and lilac. Non-traditional coats include red, tortie and lynx varieties.

Ideally, the coat color is light, preferably with a golden cast, as if misted with gold. The Birman's points - face, legs and tail - are generally darker, similar to a Siamese or Persian's color patterns of seal point, blue point, lilac point and chocolate point.


The Beautiful Birman has semi-long silky hair, not nearly as thick as that of the Persian, which happily, doesn’t mat.

Easily maintained, an occasional bath and weekly brushing are usually all that is needed to keep a Birman looking it's best.


Affectionate and very loving animals, it has been said that this breed is considered a comfortable blend between energetic shorthaired breeds and more "laid back" longhaired breeds.

They play well with others and will befriend the whole family, while they are well suited to a single owner, providing they are given ample attention and exercise.


Birmans' silky soft, semi-long coats are beautiful and manageable. Birmans have brilliant azure-blue eyes, framed by a firm chin and a gorgeous heavy ruff around their neck.

The Birman is a large, almost stocky cat. The Birman cat's white feet are ideally symmetrical. The gloves on the front feet, if perfect, go across in an even line, and on the back feet end in a point up the back of the leg. These are referred to as "laces".

The Birman as a Companion

Also known as the "Sacred Cat of Burma", Birmans are good natured, outgoing, affectionate and inquisitive beings.

Very independent while still loving toward it’s human family, the Birman personality is fantastic - playful and active, but quiet and unobtrusive when you need them to be.

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