Balinese and Javanese cats, where grace meets beauty and brains


Balinese and Javanese cats are the same breed, and the breed standards for both are the same - a cat of Siamese type with long flowing coat. The range of colors accepted for championship competition is the only difference between the two.

The only point colors recognized by the CFA as Balinese are the same colors recognized in the pedigreed Siamese: seal point, blue point, chocolate point and lilac point.
The point colors recognized by the CFA as Javanese are Red, cream, lynx and parti-color points.

Named for the next island over from Bali, Javanese have been around for about as long as the Balinese. The Javanese were accepted by CFA for championship competition as of May 1986.


The Bali and Java cats sport a Semi-long, very silky feeling coat. Grooming is easy, since the Balinese/Javanese coat doesn't mat like most longhaired breeds, due to the absence of a double coat.

Aside from color variations recognized by various associations, coat length is the only real difference between the Siamese and the Balinese.


Extremely intelligent and affectionate as well. Beauty and brains? It's all here. These cats are sweet natured and very happy to welcome any and all playmates, whether human or not. Easily trained, the Balinese and Javanese breeds are easily integrated into any household.


With a graceful oriental body type, long, tubular body and wedge-shaped head, the Balinese/Javanese breed's appearance is softened by the very silky semi-long coat that covers its body. The head type is the same as the Siamese including the Siamese cat's flat facial profile and beautifully flared ears. One of the most unusual features the Balinese and Javanese cats have is their beautiful soft plume of a tail.

The Balinese and Javanese cats as Companions

It's been said that the Balinese gets its name from its graceful flowing movement, which reminded early breeders of Balinese dancers. Both the Balinese and the Javanese have all that grace, plus the softer appearance, due to that glorious, semi-long coat they wear. Although these cats are loveable and communicative just like their close relatives the Siamese, they do tend to be somewhat quieter.

This very playful and mischievous long-haired version of Siamese is not only beautiful, but extremely intelligent and affectionate as well. Terrific with both children and other pets, Balis and Javas love to make friends with everyone around them.

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