The American Curl cat, always a playful kitten


The American Curl cat is accepted by the CFA in all colors and patterns. Both long and short hair are considered acceptable.


American Curls can have both long and shorthair color and pattern varieties. There is little, if any undercoat so they shed very little and require no more grooming than occasional brushing and bathing only if dirtied.


American Curl cats develop a strong sense of loyalty and belonging with their humans, and can be seen following them around, trying to help and be involved in everything that goes on.

Basically quiet souls, these cats will communicate with a variety of trilling and cooing sounds. Retaining their kitten-like playfulness and curiosity throughout their lives, these cats have been dubbed “the Peter Pan of cats”.


This is a medium sized breed, with a rectangular body, silky soft, either short or longhaired coat, and large, walnut-shaped eyes.

These cats are born with straight ears. Within 5 days or so, the American Curl’s ears begin to curve backward. By 16 weeks, the curl should be pretty much “set”. The curvature of the ears can vary greatly, ranging from almost straight (pet quality) to a show quality ear with an arc of 90-180 degrees.

The long haired version of this cat sports a beautifully plumed tail, carried high and proud as it accompanies its humans virtually everywhere.

The American Curl as a Companion

The American Curl is a very friendly, faithful, affectionate and intelligent cat. One of their best properties is that they are capable of adjusting remarkably fast to other pets, children, and new circumstances.

Perpetually young, this cat never loses it's playfulness or willingness to learn new things. A happy go lucky sort, this cat will make a fine addition to any home lucky enough to have one.

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