A Yule Poem about my Spooky Cat

by Raven, The Cat Lady
(Beautiful Madison, Wisconsin)

Spooky crashed out after a long solstice day!

Spooky crashed out after a long solstice day!

Spooky's Solstice Wish
By Raven Fabal

T'was the night before Solstice and all through the house,
my little cat Spooky played with his furry mouse.
The stockings were hung near his cat climbing tree,
displaying their goodies for good cats to see.

And Spooky said "Thank you" with a grin oh, so gamine,
when he got his gift, kitty treats made of salmon!
Schmooches and Pussness (sort of cousins to Spooky),
they rolled in their catnip, and acted quite kooky!

But Puss regained her composure as quick as a wink,
as Spooky Boy stopped for a sip at the sink.
Schmoo was an alluring fashionista and tease,
her ginger cat glances bring all the Toms to their knees!

But of all her admirers there was one black Spooky kitten.
Well, almost all grown, and with Schmoo he was smitten.
For Solstice our Spooky wished just for one thing -
a kiss from the Schmooches, so he bought her bling!

He gave her a charm, to adorn her collar,
but still she just swatted him, making him holler!
But just when it seemed that poor Spooks was rejected,
and he slunk back to the futon, just looking dejected,

Schmoo jumped up, and sat by his side!
And Spooky, poor Spooky was beaming with pride!
Gone mousey, gone fishy, gone kitty toys all!
With eyes only for Schmooches, he saw nothing else at all!

Not even the kiss that she left on his cheek,
as she swatted him soundly, making him squeak.
But the Spookster was happy, as Schmoo swished out of sight,
for he'd gotten his wish, on this grand Solstice night!

Raven Fabal 2009

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Oct 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

Cats are my favorite pet

Oct 16, 2016
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Aug 25, 2015
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Jul 30, 2010
My friend
by: 2

And THAT is my friend I have known since the days I would knock on her dryer to awaken her mid-day!! I knew you were the right person to commission for Pig Appreciation Day! I have always described you as the most gifted person I knew: poetic, filled with a glorious singing voice who is artistic & mixes nail polish as a Sherwin Williams specialist. BTW, we still have the wolf & any animal that comes into our house is scared by it!! Hackles come up & low growls are emitted, with the animal believing the wolf is real!! LOVE YOU!!

May 14, 2010
So Cute!
by: Anonymous

Such a pretty cat! Cute poem too!

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