The RagaMuffin cat, a big, cuddly bundle of love


The CFA accepts the RagaMuffin cat in every color and pattern, with or without white, except pointed colors. Eyes may be any color.

This breed is considered by the CFA to be “Provisional”. Provisional competition is for those breeds which have not yet achieved championship status. This class is the next-to-last step before a breed is accepted for Championship competition. Cats in this class compete as far as the awarding of Best of Breed, but are not eligible for finals until the breed is advanced to Championship status.


RagaMuffin is easy to care for. Although the coat is thick and plush, it does not readily mat or clump and is easy to care for. Brushing or combing will help cut down on shedding, and an occasional bath will help the coat maintain its silky look and bunny-soft feel.


RagaMuffin cats are among the most people loving and affectionate felines. With a sweet expression and temperament to match, this is the cat for those seeking a cuddly and demonstrative companion. Because of the way they tend to greet their humans and follow them all around the house, these big bundles of love are often compared to a lap dog. RagaMuffins make fantastic family pets, happily wallowing in the love and attention of adults, children and other pets.


RagaMuffins are large cats, averaging between ten and twenty pounds, depending on gender, with males heavier than females. Their large, very expressive walnut shaped eyes are striking, and usually an intense color, though all colors are allowed for show. The coat is soft and silky with a cottony undercoat on the belly.


The RagaMuffin as a Companion

RagaMuffins love attention, and are not at all shy about showing their love to their families. Even when a child picks one up and carries it around, a RagaMuffin will be happy because someone loves it and wants to play with or pet it.

A calm and peace loving cat, you can count on a RagaMuffin to be the ultimate lap cat, or bedtime companion. They love to sleep with their humans and will be just as happy to jump up and play whenever you are ready.

These beautiful cats are a good choice for a busy family home, but make equally good companions for a single person. Generally, a RagaMuffin is a happy cat, just as long as someone is paying them attention and giving them love.


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